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Who Are We

Finding Solutions. Delivering Results.

Century Energy Solutions (CES) is an independently owned energy services firm committed to helping clients optimize energy expenses. We aim to establish a unique price and risk solution specific for our clients.

The Energy Problem

Minimize your Costs

The energy procurement problems our energy buyers face is trying to minimize costs while energy suppliers maximize margins. This process is further challenging because the energy supplier has significant market knowledge and expertise in comparison to most buyers. Century Energy Solutions levels that playing field by bringing 100 years of experience on the supply side of the equation to the customer side of the table.

Our Solution

Best Price and Strategy

Century Energy Solutions follows a structured process for helping clients select the best energy solution for their business. Before approaching suppliers on the behalf of a client, CES thoroughly assesses the client’s specifications and risk tolerance. Afterwards, an expert team of staff creates a competitive environment between energy suppliers to expose an optimal price comparison and strategy for the client. Our team consists of energy professionals who have worked for some of the nation’s leading Retail Electric Suppliers. We have also established relationships with many Fortune 100 clients, managing over 1,000MW’s of electric load.

Natural Gas Procurement

Save on Natural Gas

Natural gas is often a contributor in cost that also yields the same procurement challenges as other energy sources. CES has years of expertise in natural gas procurement and supply. Collectively, we have managed over 5 bcf of 3rd party retail natural gas to end-users. Our experience extends to finding the right solution and lowest cost in natural gas for our clients.

100 years of experience working for you.

Century Energy Solutions ownership has collectively over 100 years’ experience in the energy industry. We are committed to addressing the unique needs of each business client by finding the right energy solution at the lowest cost. This skillset saves our clients valuable time and money by allowing them to focus on their core business.