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Mike Hyman

Mike-Hyman-e1396335104476-168x300Michael Hyman’s experience spans more than 22 years in the energy industry.  His expertise in delivering energy to a diverse SIC base not only earned him the Presidential Territorial Development Award, but he was recognized for facilitating innovative partnerships between public and private entities.

Mike started selling energy management systems for a performance contractor in Chicagoland and landed the largest contract in company history. He then moved to Commonwealth Edison, (the local energy distribution company), as an associate account manager, where he was promoted to account manager in 16 months. Within two years Mike was handling the largest portfolio of all 120 ComEd account managers, acting as an internal advocate and single point of contact for some of ComEd’s largest customers. During this time, ComEd became part of Exelon Corporation.

Mike spent the next fourteen years working for the Retail side of Exelon Corporation, negotiating electricity, natural gas, demand response and renewable energy contracts. Mike’s passion for the energy industry and drive to maintain exemplary customer relationships has been the hallmark throughout his career.

Today, Mike and his three partners bring more than a century’s worth of experience from the energy supply side to the buyer’s side of the table. Working on their client’s behalf, they arrive at the best combination of price and risk from the client’s perspective.


Steve Snelson

Steve-Snelson-168x300Steve Snelson’s experience in the energy field spans over 22 years. He originally worked as a regional account manager at Commonwealth Edison. While in his role at ComEd, Steve routinely found ways to go above and beyond for his customers. He was instrumental in the implementation of a non-traditional energy solution for one of his clients.

While at ComEd, Steve’s customers consisted of large industrial power consumers. Through that experience, Steve sharpened his knowledge and expertise in the areas of power delivery and reliability, demand response and on-site generation. Steve’s ability to assist a wide range of customer’s through the myriad of energy related issues and opportunities led to his transition to the unregulated retail energy company at Exelon, Exelon Energy.

Steve has spent the last 15 years with Exelon in the retail energy space. In this role, he negotiated contracts for electric power, natural gas, demand response and renewables for one of the largest suppliers in North America. Steve’s desire to bring his experience to customers looking for the best energy solution for their business has led him to partner with three like-minded individuals in the form of Century Energy Solutions.



Brad Cesario

Brad-Cesario-e1396335667758-168x300 Brad has over 24 years of experience in the retail energy industry, working directly with retail energy customers. Brad provides customers with integrated energy solutions to help manage their energy needs for both electricity and natural gas. This includes retail commodity procurement, budget forecasting, demand response, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Brad began his career in the deregulated energy industry as an operations analyst with Wisconsin-based retail natural gas supplier, Kaztex Energy Management. This position availed Brad to all aspects of the retail energy industry including sales, supply-side management, customer care, and utility tariff and rate case intervention. In 1994, Brad became the first employee of a new Illinois-based retail energy business venture between Kaztex and Wisconsin Energy Corp called Blackhawk Energy Services. Brad was involved in all aspects of Blackhawks development including marketing/sales, product design, utility tariff analysis, semi-annual energy conferences and periodic newsletters.

In 1999 Brad took a position as an account executive with the retail affiliate of Exelon Corporation.  Brad built a customer base that reached over 300 Megawatts of peak demand and over 4 bcf of annual natural gas consumption. Brad’s expertise truly extends into both the retail natural gas and electricity markets. Now, through Century Energy Solutions, Brad is able to apply all of his experience to the direct benefit of his customers in implementing the best energy solution for their business.



Ken Watson

Ken has energy industry experience totaling over 30 years starting at LaSalle County nuclear power station in Marseilles, IL working in operations, chemistry and radiation protection departments. Realizing that the real business world was outside of the nuclear concrete building, he became a regional account manager with Commonwealth Edison. While an account manager, he learned the utility electric business. This experience gave Ken the utility knowledge that he desired to assist all SIC codes of commercial and industrial customers.

Ken then spent ten years refining his knowledge of electric markets and their prices by becoming one of Commonwealth Edison’s first energy traders. Then he was promoted to the Wholesale Marketing Group, where he specialized in on peak and off peak markets, PPA’s and other market related products.

Ken has spent the last eight years in the retail space focusing on electricity products, natural gas, demand side management, budget forecasting and renewables. While working at Exelon’s retail company, Ken has seen what costs customers needlessly pay because of poor market knowledge and contract execution. Ken joins his experienced partners at Century Energy Solutions and will bring his knowledge to your company to make a positive effect on your bottom line.


Derek Mozham

Derek began his career at CoEnergy Trading Company in March 1996, which was a subsidiary of the MCN Energy Group in Detroit, MI. At the time, MCN Energy Group was the holding company for the local gas utility Michcon. Derek’s career began selling natural gas to commercial and industrial customers in Michigan, behind the two main utilities, Michcon and Consumers Energy. After 5 years with CoEnergy, Derek moved on to work at Nicor Energy LLC. During his time at Nicor, the electric market in Michigan was opening for deregulation and he began selling retail electricity, as well as natural gas. After 2 years at Nicor, the company was acquired by Constellation Energy. Derek remained with Constellation Energy for 2 years and then took a position at Exelon Corporation. From April 2005 until March 2014, Derek worked for Exelon Energy, as a Business Development Manager, providing natural gas and electricity to his customers.

Now working through Century Energy Solutions, Derek is able to apply his over 19 years of experience in the energy industry (natural gas, electricity, load response, energy efficiency, renewable energy) working directly with customers in Illinois and Michigan to control costs and manage customer specific energy needs. Derek’s focus is on customer service, market timing, competitive pricing and contract execution, to develop long-term customer relationships.


100 years of experience working for you.

Century Energy Solutions ownership has collectively over 100 years’ experience in the energy industry. We are committed to addressing the unique needs of each business client by finding the right energy solution at the lowest cost. This skillset saves our clients valuable time and money by allowing them to focus on their core business.