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The Problem Energy Buyers Face

There are more than 60 Registered Electricity Suppliers (RES) in the state of Illinois. An electric procurement transaction generally contains more than 20 different components, all of which affect the pricing of a bill. Since there is no standard in place for the presentation of pricing, suppliers can choose which components to include or exclude in their presentation. It isn’t surprising that buyers find it difficult, if not impossible, to determine which option among the ones presented is best for their business.

The Century Energy Approach

The Century Energy professional team assesses the individual needs of a business and then meticulously selects the best price and product options from which the client can choose. Experienced specialists guide clients seeking market intelligence on when and what to buy.

Client Services

Century Energy Solutions provides its clients with an extensive range of services.

1. Negotiate pricing and provide comprehensive analysis

Electricity suppliers divide a bill into many costs (capacity, network service, ancillary services, etc.) and calculate prices differently. CES is able to identify these charges and fix them accordingly as part of your supply agreement. We ensure you have a fair price comparison among your offers.

2. Market Knowledge and Expertise

We keep customers informed through our bi-weekly newsletter. If warranted, periodic tariff updates are provided.

3. Understanding your energy bill

Upon request, we will review your supplier invoices to confirm you are being invoiced in accordance to your contract. Before you even receive your first bill, we help you determine which costs to fix and take as a variable pass-through cost.

4. Budgeting and Cost Projections

After negotiating your lowest cost, we go one step further. We help you project future costs as far out as you need.

5. Natural Gas Procurement

Century Energy Solutions helps you procure natural gas through the retail channel by evaluating product and pricing options and presenting you with the best possible selections.

100 years of experience working for you.

Century Energy Solutions ownership has collectively over 100 years’ experience in the energy industry. We are committed to addressing the unique needs of each business client by finding the right energy solution at the lowest cost. This skillset saves our clients valuable time and money by allowing them to focus on their core business.